Located in Cass County, the six lakes of Baby, Kerr, Kid, Lost, Man, & McKeown lie about halfway between Longville & Hackensack, Minnesota. The lakes are part of the Leech Lake Watershed area. The six lakes are contained within the McKeown Creek Watershed which is a tributary to the Boy River. The creek mouth is at Child Lake which the Boy River runs through.

What Is A Lake Association?

Usually, lake associations are voluntary organizations with members who own land on or have rights to legally access a lake. They can be involved in various levels of lake management activities and vary from well-run lake management groups to loose-knit social groups.

What is its purpose?

Lake associations may operate under diverse titles, but the purpose is normally the same. In most, it is to maintain, protect, and improve the quality of a lake, its fisheries, and its watershed.

Who runs the association?

Lake associations are run by officers elected by the membership. The offices include president, vice president, secretary, and treasurer and lake representatives. Length of terms vary greatly. A lake association’s day-to-day activities can be carried out by its officers or by committees assigned to various tasks.

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