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JUNE 1, 2019

A sub committee was formed late last fall to study what is arguably the best ‘DETERENT’ for AIS at public boat landings. The system is call I-LIDS (Internet Landing Installed Device Sensor). The I-LIDS is a self contained, solar powered system installed at boat ramps to reduce the risk of AIS through video inspection of boats and audio education of boaters.” The committee conducted an extensive review of the system including discussion with the Ten Mile Lake Association who have it installed and are very pleased with it. Then we approached Cass County Environmental Services and they approved a $5000 grant for the system which reduced the $12,000 investment by 42%! At that point, a board vote was taken with a 14-1 approval. I encourage you to learn more about this exciting system at .


  • Continuous (7×24) video capture of launches
  • Vehicle identification
  • Analysis of visitor clean off compliance
  • Web access to historical videos
  • Configurable video duration
  • Standalone deployment (no power or communications lines)
  • Ruggedized housing to withstand abuse
  • Seasonal installation at boat launches
  • Remote management and diagnostic